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Introducing the Mental Health Matters candle kit from Sweetheart Scents - an eco-friendly, personalized candle kit that celebrates self-care and helps others with every purchase! With its refillable design and support for meaningful causes, this candle kit is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation to yourself and to those around you.


Crafted with care, the Mental Health Matters candle kit includes a unique candle jar, a refill sleeve, a lid, and scent refill. This beautiful candle jar creates the perfect ambiance for cozying up indoors, while the refillable design allows you to keep the jar as a cherished memento and easily replace the candle when needed.


The best part? At Sweetheart Scents, our commitment to the environment goes beyond our refillable design. For every refill sold, Sweetheart Scents will contribute to Plant with Purpose, an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability. Plant with Purpose will work to plant a tree for every refill bought (including the refills in our candle kits), helping to preserve our precious ecosystems and reduce deforestation. It's all part of our mission to inspire you to support causes that you care about and make a difference. We believe that these small everyday actions can have a huge long-term impact.


On top of that, we understand the importance of helping others and giving back - which is why we contribute 3% of the purchase price from each purchase to the organization of your choice. As part of our Mental Health Collection, an additional 3% of the purchase price will be donated to AFSP, adding up to 6% total of the purchase price being donated.


Looking for a thoughtful gift to express your care and support? Or, in search of a personalized item that celebrates your respect for the environment? Look no further than the Mental Health Matters Candle Kit from Sweetheart Scents—an eco-friendly, sustainable candle that supports meaningful causes worth celebrating!

Mental Health Matters Candle Kit