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Giving Back

At Sweetheart Scents, we are driven by a strong commitment to giving back and making a positive difference in the world. We believe that every candle has the power to illuminate lives, create moments of joy, and ignite positive change. With our giving back initiative, we allocate a portion of our profits to support various causes and organizations that align with our values. Through this collective effort, we strive to amplify our impact and contribute to a brighter future.

Through our dedication to giving back, we aim to foster a sense of purpose and create a ripple effect of kindness, compassion, and positive change. We understand that our responsibility extends beyond crafting high-quality candles. It is our belief that businesses have the power to make a meaningful impact by embracing philanthropy and social responsibility. That's why we have integrated giving back into the fabric of our brand, ensuring that every candle purchase goes beyond the enjoyment of our enchanting scents and captivating glow.

A Tree Planted for Every Refill Sold

At Sweetheart Scents, we're proud to partner with Plant With Purpose, an incredible organization dedicated to reforestation and sustainable development. For every refill sold, including those in our Personalized Jar Kits, we pledge to have a tree planted through Plant With Purpose's impactful programs.

Did you know that soy candles produce only 7-8 grams of carbon dioxide per hour they're burned, which is significantly less than paraffin candles? By planting trees, we're able to offset the carbon emissions generated by our candles. A full-grown tree removes (on average) 48 metric tons of carbon from the air each year, replacing it with oxygen.


But the benefits don't stop there! Plant With Purpose's tree planting initiatives go beyond carbon offsetting. The trees planted help to improve soil quality, enhance air quality, and create vital habitats for animals in impoverished areas. By working with communities experiencing poverty, Plant With Purpose provides employment opportunities and empowers individuals to break the cycle of poverty.

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3% Driven by Your Choices

We believe in the power of collective action and the impact it can have on the causes we care about. As a valued customer, you play a crucial role in our giving back initiative. When you purchase a candle from Sweetheart Scents, you have the opportunity to choose which cause or organization will receive 3% of your purchase price. We have carefully curated a list of partner organizations spanning various sectors, allowing you to support causes that resonate with your values. Together, we amplify our impact and create positive change.

Partners in Impact
Organizations We Support Through Giving Back

Sustainable impact: Plant With Purpose fosters reforestation and community development.
Breaking barriers: provides access to safe water and sanitation, transforming lives.
Advocating mental health: AFSP works to prevent suicide and offer support for those in need.
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